[Korea Beyond Korea] Anthropologist stresses multidisciplinary approach for strong Korean studiesFarm online, harvest offline: Virtual farming games attract inflationSeoul shares slide 2.3% after record gains over short selling ban[From the scene] Jazz music livens up Seoul's streets[KH Explains] Why do Woori, NongHyup hold on to North Korean operations?Lawmaker calls for specifying China's responsibility in UN resolution on NK human rightsUS envoy vows to make clear 'inextricable' link between N. Korea's human rights abuses, threatsLX International to acquire 60% stake in Indonesian nickel mine김성태 "인요한, 방향 잘 설정해 뚜벅뚜벅 잘 하고 있다"US envoy vows to make clear 'inextricable' link between N. Korea's human rights abuses, threats 군사력은 미국이 우위지만, 글로벌 공급망은 미·중 비등 [중앙포럼] [Korea Beyond Korea] Korean studies in Turkey grows on foundation of strong relations [Today’s K 尹, 과학기술자문회의와 오찬 “예타 간소화·예산집행 유연화 필요” [KH explains] Hyundai to sell vehicles on Amazon in US sales push KB chief vows to nurture AI talents American investigated for ‘teeth grinding’ graffiti across Yongsan 조응천 "김종인이 2명 배제하자…민주당, 총선서 제1당 됐다" YG’s new girl group Babymonster debuts with single 'Batter Up' Korea to start hiring E Samsung's Harman acquires audio platform Roon Korean banks at risk of W3tr in losses in HK TBS appeals to Seoul to hold off on slashing support Tax refund limit to be doubled for tourists N. Korea reinstates DMZ guard posts ‘Smugglers’ wins best picture at 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards Samsung sets up control tower for new growth drivers Yoon replaces spy agency leadership [Hello Indonesia] Hyundai Motor vows to steer Indonesia's transition to EVs [Hello Hangeul] Welding book first in vocational Korean series for foreign labor